"O, death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?".
1 Corinthians 15:55


The mission of Eurasian College - professional training of evangelical church planters in Central Asia, Tatarstan and other predominantly Muslim regions of Russia

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The unique feature of our training is an emphasis on holistic formation of a minister. It combines teaching with professional skills training and personal mentoring. During the school year a mentor works with every individual student, helping in his/her spiritual life and his/her practical skill development. We do not talk about spiritual formation - we work on it.

Currently the progrramme consists of one year residential training in Kazan and the following five years of the off-campus training. A student enters the first year programme and then makes a decision about the continuing training.

First year (Bible school certificate)
During the first year the students take theological and practical course necessary for the beginning of church-planting ministry:

Church Planting I, II, III
Leadership & Discipleship
Homiletics (Preaching) I, II
Old and New Testament Intoduction
Christian Doctrine

Evangelism in Muslim context
History of Islam
Christian-Muslim Apologetics

 The first year programme is designed so that teaching is alternated with practical experience of church planting in the field. Thus, students have a unique opportunity to try all the new practical skills they learn in class.

During the practical weeks the students divide into the teams of 3-4 and go into the field. The unique thing about our practice is that each team is led by one of our teachers-mentors who train them in the practical skills and provide spiritual care

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Five years off-campus follow-up (B.Mis. degree)
The graduates of the first year residential programme go on to the "real-life" ministry. In their first five years of ministry we support them by providing two-weeks seminars twice a year. During these seminars the students cover a Bachelor of Missiology course and and continue regular meetings with their mentors for ongoing support.

Cross-cultural Communication
Christian Apologetics
World Religions and Cults
Leadership & Discipleship II
Church Administration
Pastoral Care
Homiletics III
New Testament Theology
Old Testament Theology

Training for Reflective Practice
During these seminars we also help our students to develop the skills of reflective practitioners. Recent research in education shows that a good professional is able to effectively analyze rapidly changing work cituation and adapt one’s methodology accordingly. In the process of planting a new church, a leader encounters many problems, that he or she may not resolve using traditional methods. But he/she can discuss them at our seminars, reflect on them with the groups, find a fresh solution and try it immediately after the seminar in a "real life" setting. Integrating theory and practice in such a way, we help our extension students to develop skills which are relevant for their particular ministries