"O, death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?".
1 Corinthians 15:55


"Strategic and effective ministry that has a far reaching impact, touching the entire central Asia"

Georges Houssney, Director of Horizons International, US

"I am very excited about this work and vision for the future. They are already insiders to a mission field that is so closed and hostile to Christians. The work of training these people for future church growth is one of the most strategic tasks on God’s earth!"

Revd Geoff Maughan, Director of Ministry, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, UK

"This is the last great frontier for the mission of the church, and I am proud to be a part of this great ministry, in such a pivotal place, at such a pivotal time."

Jay Smith
, evangelist

"It is a very tough ministry for me - the pressure is enormous. But when by the end of a school year I see changed lives of our students - this is so great, this is a cause worthy to live for."

Vasily Makarov, mentor of Eurasian College

"While in the College God finally revealed to me what grace was. I understood grace intellectually, I heard many sermons and lectures, but my heart could not get it. Now I do. I am free from guilt and from other people’s opinions. I have began to see God as my Father."

A female student from North Causases

"Former graduates told me a year ago that I would return home a different man. Frankly, I doubted it at that time, but now I feel and see how much I changed, indeed. Here I got to know God as a loving Father. I have learned to share the Good News with courage and love. I have learned to build relationships with all men, to be responsible and to work in a team. During that year God was changing me through my mentor. And I will be forever be grateful to this man."

A student from Tajikistan

"What has influenced me the most? It’s hard to say. Training material? One of the best. Active practical? No other college can offer that. Professionalism of the teachers and the experience of the mentors? With patience and love they tried their best to convey to us all necessary knowledge and skills for forming a servant missionary character in us. Trials (a surgery and personal losses in my family)? The teachers, staff and students did not abandon my family, actively participating in our lives during these trials. All of these strongly influenced my character"

A student from Tatarstan

"I believe the workers the College sends out will be used by God to bring about change at the heart level of peoples who have been subject to political, religious and secular oppression for generations. The strength of the College’s work is the people God has raised up to conduct the ministry - national Russians, Tatars, and Caucasians, who have a strong evangelical commitment coupled with practical wisdom and drive to effectively engage the people they live amongst with the gospel. They bring the transforming power of the gospel into the lives of the students they train, who in turn model that transforming power to the congregations they form. The Lord will use this holistic training mightily to win converts in the most spiritually destitute region of the world!"

Tim McMahon, Director of the Eurasian Ministries in the UK

"Eurasian College has been a timely and clear God’s answer to the need of many evangelicals in Volga Region and Tatarstan. It has given Christian leaders a special vision for church planting; it has also clarified and systematized the work of mentoring and discipleship. The College has made a significant impact on many churches: having received trained leaders, they clarified their goals in accordance with the Great Commission - and the number of the saved ones increased."
Michael Trophimov, a pastor of an evangelical church in Kazan