"O, death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?".
1 Corinthians 15:55

Regular Teaching Staff
Fedor Dzuba
Before joining our team in 2001, Fedor studied theology for two years and served for six a pastor of a church in Nizhnekamsk. He is an experienced administrator.
Arthur Shakurov
academic dean, teacher-mentor
Artur is a graduate of Donetsk Christian Univeristy (B.Th). He has a wide experience of mentoring and church planting ministry. Teaching: hermeneutics, Christian Doctrine, Pastoral Care.
Denis Savelyev
Denis is a graduate of Dagestan State Pedagogical University and Biblical Leadership Training Centre in Krasnodar. Teaching: leadership & discipleship, history of Islam, apologetics.

Visiting Lecturers
Tim McMahon
Tim is a graduate of a prestigious Moore Theological College in Sydney (Australia). Before coming to the College Tim has been a civil engineer and a pastor of a church in the UK. He is the founder and a director of the Eurasian Ministries in the UK (www.eurasian-ministries.org), set up to build a financial and prayer support base the College. Teaching: New Testament.
Jay Smith
Jay has a Masters degree in Islamic studies from Fuller Theological Seminary and is currently working on a Ph.D at London School of Theology. Jay is an expert in Christian-Muslim Apologetics, having worked with Muslims for 23 years. He is famous for his unique evangelistic ministry. Every weekend he leads dozens of Christians to the Speakers Corner in Hyde Park in London, where they meet with hundreds of Muslims face to face, to make friends, answer tough questions, debate the latest research and ideas, and share their faith. Teaching: Christian-Muslim Apologetics.
Georges Houssney
Georges originally comes from Lebanon and is an Arab Christian. Georges is well known for his work supervising the translation and publication of the Bible in the modern Arabic. He writes and lectures internationally about ministry to Muslims. He is a founder and director of Horizons International (www.horizonsinternational.org). Teaching: Evangelism in the context of Islam.
Geoff Maughan
Geoff is a graduate of Cambridge University and Oakhill Theological Colllege (UK). He has over 20 years of pastoral ministry. Currently he serves as a Director of Ministry and a pastoral chaplain at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford (www.wycliffe.ox.ac.uk). Teaching: Spiritual Formation
Timothy Edwards
Tim has a B.Ed from Brunel University College (London), M.A from Hebrew University of Jerusalim, and he recently received his Doctorate in Hebrew and Jewish Studies from the University of Oxford.

Administration Team
Natasha Romanova
Natasha has a degree and a fourteen years of experience in accounting.
Radik Gabdrahmanov
Radik has a Masters degree from Kazan State Technical University; he is a graduate of a part-time programme of Eurasian College. He is planting a church in Derbyshky area of Kazan.
Esenia Tishova
Esenia is a graduate of Kazan Academy of Arts.